Altrenogest issue to impact spring

POSTED ON  |  06-09-2018

Victorian trainers are being urged to stop using products that contain the substance altrenogest with testing continuing to show varying levels of the anabolic steroids trenbolone and trendione. Altrenogest is a synthetic hormone that appears in the popular product Regu-Mate, which is used to manage the oestrous cycle in mares, stopping them from coming into season. Many trainers are concerned that this will have an impact on the performance of fillies and mares during the peak spring period of racing, with spring being the natural breeding season for horses.

Racing Victoria issued a notice to trainers on Tuesday after analysis of tests completed by Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) show that both oral and injectable products that contain altrenogest return varying levels of the banned substance. It is understood that RV has been extensively testing this product over the past three months after positive results to trenbolone and trendione were returned by horses from two stables, Robbie Laing and the training partnership of Russell and Scott Cameron, over the past 12 months.

Testing of a variety of batches of products containing altrenogest by RASL, both oral and injectable, have all returned positives to the banned anabolic steroids, suggesting that the problem is with the source product and not contamination. Anabolic steroids are categorised with peptides and EPO in Australian Rules of Racing and cannot be present in a horse at any time. As they are not naturally occurring, there is no applicable threshold for testing.

Racing NSW recently introduced a local rule LR44A which provided stewards with discretion if low levels of trenbolone and trendione were found in a sample if the filly or mare had been treated with altrenogest. RV has decided to not follow with a similar local rule, preferring to support a national approach and to work with Racing Australia and Principal Racing Authorities (PRA) around the country to come to a solution.

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