Animal Aid accuses horse racing industry of secrecy after latest race death

POSTED ON  |  07-08-2019

Animal activists have accused the racing industry of 'secrecy' after the latest death of a horse at a race meeting. Campaign group Animal Aid claimed the horse One More Tune died after suffering an injury in a jumping event at Newton Abbot Racecourse in Devon earlier this month - the second fatality at the course this year. It is claimed the horse "pulled up lame" during the race which happened on July 5 when the course was hosting a National Hunt racing event.

In a tweet Animal Aid said: "It has come to our attention that race horse One More Tune was killed after racing at Newton Abbot earlier this month. "The 11-year-old was pulled up lame in a jump race and was later reported as dead."

Dene Stansall, a horse racing consultant with Animal Aid, said the group is worried about the number of horse deaths happening at the racecourse, reports DevonLive. He said: "We are concerned that four horses died at Newton Abbot race course last year and there have been two so far this year. "The secrecy of the horse racing industry means that race courses and trainers never mention this side of it. "We have highlighted this because we want the public to have all the facts and to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not they support such a sport."

Mr Stansall added that he wanted to see evidence that measure are being put in place to protect the horse's safety during such events. He said: "We also want to know what Newton Abbot racecourse are doing to stop these deaths - what specific measures have they put in place?  We want answers.

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