Barn at Saratoga Under Quarantine With EHV-1 Positive

POSTED ON  |  20-07-2021

Nasal swab horse
The New York Racing Association and the New York State Gaming Commission have placed Barn 86 at Saratoga Race Course under a precautionary quarantine until further notice due to a positive case of Equine Herpesvirus-1 in that barn. The unnamed, unraced filly, who is trained by Jorge Abreu, was sent to Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital on Sunday, July 11, after developing a fever. She was subsequently tested for a number of potential ailments, and a positive test for EHV-1 was returned on Thursday afternoon. The filly began treatment immediately and is improving under the care of Dr. Luis Castro, DVM.

Overseen by Dr. Anthony Verderosa, the director of NYRA's veterinary department, in consultation with the NYSGC, the Barn 86 quarantine is effective immediately with standard precautions and biosecurity measures now in place.

The 46 horses stabled in Barn 86, which is home to stalls for Abreu and trainer Kenny McPeek, will be monitored daily for fever and other signs of illness. "Unfortunately my stable is under a quarantine restriction for Equine Herpesvirus," McPeek tweeted. "None of my horses have symptoms and hopefully this gets resolved quickly. I've never had this happen before so we will follow NYRA vets protocols. Important that it doesn't spread. Never easy."

During the initial quarantine period, Barn 86 horses will not be permitted to enter races or train among the general horse population. Afebrile/asymptomatic horses stabled in Barn 86 will have isolated training hours at the Oklahoma Training Track following the close of training for the general horse population at 10 a.m.

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