BHA blasts anti-whip ads on London buses as a 'gimmick'

POSTED ON  |  07-08-2019

Whip Add on Bus
Racing condemned an extreme animal rights group on Tuesday after it emerged it had stepped up its increasingly hostile approach to the sport by plastering anti-whip messages across the sides of 25 London buses. The advertising campaign, which was labelled a "gimmick" by the BHA, is the latest shock tactic employed by Animal Aid, which has repeatedly called for a ban on the whip in horseracing and ultimately has the stated aim of ending the sport in Britain.

The BHA gave a robust defence of its welfare policies, emphasising the positive mainstream support for racing and the high levels of care racehorses receive. Since July 29, buses in London have showcased an advert with the slogan: "You wouldn't hit a dog, so why are jockeys allowed to whip race horses?", alongside two silhouetted images of a cowering dog being hit and a racehorse with a jockey on board holding a whip.

The adverts are not the first time Animal Aid has sought to influence public opinion on racing having last year successfully forced a debate in parliament about the formation of a new, independent equine welfare body after an online petition garnered 100,000 e-signatures, the minimum number required to trigger such a discussion. However the BHA remains confident of its approach to equine welfare and with its engagement with MPs and the wider public on issues such as the whip.

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