Big names weigh into altrenogest issue

POSTED ON  |  06-09-2018

We asked some of Australia's biggest trainers about the issue of altrenogest (Regu-Mate), with Racing Victoria moving to warn trainers of its potential to produce a positive steroid reading. RV's stance is a 'no tolerance' one to any positive, whereas Racing NSW has moved to introduce a local rule that will be more pragmatic in the instance of any positives produced. Tony McEvoy's stable includes the equal-Thousand Guineas favourite Oohood, and the trainer - who has bases at Angaston in SA and Flemington in Melbourne - said it was a potential occupational health and safety risk to take fillies and mares off the drug used to control their cycles.
  • "It's a difficult one. It's something we've used for a long time," McEvoy said.
  • "And it's been very effective. Now to have it taken away means we have to change what we do really.
  • "My attitude is if it's not there and we can't use it, we've got to get around it and get by and work it out.
  • "The things to factor in is the safety factor - all our stables have colts and fillies, so if you have your fillies coming into season, it not only affects them and their performance but it also affects our colts, if they've got in-season fillies around them.
  • "We're talking about the punter having every possible chance, if our fillies are going to the races in-season and our colts are going to the races thinking about the fillies, it'll be interesting to see if they hold their form - the whole lot.
  • "If that's happening in our stable, we've got a safety factor with my staff. You've got the colts getting excited because the fillies are in season; it's an added risk to my staff.
  • "It's something we have to manage.
  • "The alternative for me, the progesterone, the injectables, it's not an option for me because you get a lot of swollen necks from injectable progesterone, so I don't think I'll be doing that.

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