Busuttin disappointed with scratching error

POSTED ON  |  22-10-2018

Trent Busuttin
Trent Busuttin is extremely disappointed by what he says was a ‘human error’ mix-up that led to the incorrect scratching of The Kroc from Race 4 at Cranbourne on Sunday. The last-start winner was withdrawn by stewards acting on veterinary advice less than an hour before the race after it was deemed that he had a small injury to his hock following an inspection by vets shortly after arriving on course.

But Busuttin said that upon hearing the news he was certain it was incorrect, suggesting that the horse inspected by vets was a stablemate also set to run.
  • “I knew straight away that it was the wrong decision, The Kroc was fine, our horse on course who did have that small problem with a little bit of skin off his hock was Cosmic City, and somehow the two were confused, and the wrong horse was scratched," Busuttin said. 
  • “It’s hugely disappointing, especially for our owners, who have been very supportive about the situation.
  • “Everyone makes mistakes, everyone’s human, but in this day and age this shouldn’t be happening, maybe the horse wasn’t scanned or something.
  • “It’s not like they look similar either, The Kroc is black and Cosmic City is grey."

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