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POSTED ON  |  07-09-2018

Racing Injury Prevention
UCDavis and the California Horse Racing Board have been developing continuing education modules for trainers with the intention that continuing education will be required for trainers here in the US in near future.

Two of these modules that are completed. One is on bisphosphonates; the other is on Jockey Safety.

The Bisphosphonates module is by Dr. Larry Bramlage, a well-known and highly respected surgeon here in the US who has been concerned with bisphosphonates from his clinical practice perspective as he will explain.  This is part of a Training Bone and Preventing injury module that was developed for trainers. It is used as a way to explain bone cell biology to trainers, but was tuned it into a stand-alone module.

The continuing education module on bisphosphonates is on the Jockey Club (US) CE website:  https://courses.grayson-jockeyclub.org/node/265. This module is formatted for continuing education and you have to sign in as if you are receiving CE credit-which is easy to do.   A simple video version on the bisphosphonate module is on a non-public YouTube posting: https://youtu.be/UQh1U4c65pM   This format is quicker and easier.

We also have a Jockey Safety module by Peta Hitchens. This is similar to her Dubai ICRAV presentation.  Jockey Safety Continuing education module: https://courses.grayson-jockeyclub.org/node/262 . Jockey Safety YouTube version:  https://youtu.be/QeowdvUhidI

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