Concern over horse deaths at Chepstow racecourse

POSTED ON  |  17-07-2017

Chepstow Racecourse
AN ANIMAL welfare charity has raised concerns over the number of horses that have died at a Gwent racecourse. According to the website that catalogues horse racing fatalities in the UK, Race Horse Death Watch, a two-year-old colt called Mr Little had to be put down after falling in the final stages of a race on Tuesday, July 4.

Figures on the website state that six horses have reportedly died at the racecourse so far this year compared to two during the period of January 1 to July 10 in 2015 and two in 2016. There were five deaths in the whole of 2016 and three deaths in 2015. The causes of death listed on the website include a broken neck, broken bones and injury due to a fall.

The charity Animal Aid, who run the online database of race horse deaths, has raised concerns over this year’s death toll, saying the racecourse management “should be alarmed” over the issue. Animal Aid’s horse racing consultant Dene Stansall said in a statement: “It was a sad sight seeing this young horse break a leg. “The question arises as to whether or not horses as young as two should be racing. Animal Aid thinks not. The racing industry needs to review all horse fatalities on British racecourses as the death toll in racing is a scandal.”

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