Del Mar And Santa Anita Prioritize Equine Safety With Shuttling Program

POSTED ON  |  14-09-2020

Scintigraphy horse
Equine diagnostic equipment based at Santa Anita Park has been credited with catching minor equine soundness issues before they become major problems in racehorses at both Del Mar and Santa Anita racetracks, reports the Daily Racing Form.

A joint effort between both tracks, Del Mar subsidized the shipping of horses to Santa Anita to use the advanced services, which include positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear scintigraphy. These tools are provided by the Southern California Equine Foundation (SCEF), a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to protecting the interests and promoting the welfare of the equine athlete.

Dr. Joe Dowd, president of the SCEF and a local veterinarian, and Del Mar's Josh Rubinstein, president and chief operating officer, and Tom Robbins, executive vice president of racing and industry relations, were three key players in finalizing the arrangement.

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