Equine advocates consider opinion and evidence in the horse world

POSTED ON  |  23-11-2021

World Welfare Conference 2021
“Fact check and do your research” was one of the main messages coming out of last week’s World Horse Welfare’s conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London and broadcast virtually worldwide. It was the charity’s first truly hybrid conference, and this year’s topic was “Whose opinion matters?” It was broadcast with Spanish and French subtitles.

In opening the conference, Chief Executive Roly Owers noted that there are two different definitions of opinion, one based on judgment and the other on knowledge, saying that World Horse Welfare encourages the latter. He emphasised that the opinion that matters most is one’s own.

“So whose opinion matters? Without doubt, it is your opinion because it constantly feeds your values and actions, and only you can do something with it. And if your opinion matters, you have a responsibility to have an informed one.”

Highlighting the importance of evidence in making decisions, Dr Monique Eloit, Director-General of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), said: “The OIE has developed an evidence-based approach that is central to the independence, mutuality and relevance of its outputs. The organisation’s reputation rests on the timeliness, quality and objectivity of the scientific evidence used for its own activities. The OIE must, and will, continue to provide analysis based on the best evidence available to maintain its credibility.”

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