First stage of British horseracing's whip consultation closes

POSTED ON  |  14-09-2021

Whip Spinning
An online questionnaire, which forms the first stage of the open, public consultation around the use of the whip in British horseracing, concluded at midnight last night after running for 10 weeks. Over 2,000 responses have been received from industry participants, stakeholders, followers and members of the general public. These submissions will now be assessed, with the aid of an expert independent data analyst.

As part of the consultation process, respondents were offered the opportunity to volunteer to take part in focus groups. Several such sessions have already been held, with more planned through September. Moreover, detailed discussions are also being organised with relevant industry individuals and organisations to take place in the coming weeks.

Following the conclusion of the full consultation process, the data, views and suggestions from all parts of the consultation will be considered by the Whip Consultation Steering Group, which contains representation and expertise from across the racing industry and wider sectors including politics, horse welfare and the media. Recommendations will then proposed by the Steering Group in conjunction with the BHA Project group.

Any resulting recommendations will then be taken out to the racing industry once again for further discussion, prior to undergoing formal consideration by the BHA Board, which is currently planned to take place in early 2022. Once the BHA Board has made final approvals of any recommendations, a report will be published alongside summaries of the consultation data and responses. There would then follow an extensive bedding in and training period for any changes ahead of their implementation.

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