Florida Lab Accredited by RMTC Laboratory Program

POSTED ON  |  25-10-2018

The Horseracing Testing Laboratory Committee of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) voted this week to fully accredit the University of Florida Racing Laboratory (UFRL) pursuant to the RMTC Laboratory Accreditation Program. The laboratory, which performs testing of horse racing samples for the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, is the tenth to become accredited by the RMTC since 2013. 

With the addition of the Florida laboratory, RMTC-accredited laboratories are responsible for the testing of samples for 32 pari-mutuel racing jurisdictions in the U.S. The only racing commissions not using an RMTC-accredited laboratory are Louisiana (Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse), South Dakota (Quarter Horse) and Delaware (Harness only).

"The standards for expertise and proficiency that only the RMTC Laboratory Accreditation Program provide are critical in creating a safe and level playing field for racing participants," explained RMTC chairman Alex Waldrop. "UFRL's accreditation brings us very close to the day when every horse racing lab in the U.S. is fully compliant with demanding testing standards and participating in an exhaustive quality assurance program."

Each laboratory receiving RMTC Accreditation has first been ISO 17025 certified. In addition the labs:
•    Receive approval for their application from an independent auditor;
•    Satisfy a multi-day laboratory site inspection with an internationally recognized expert; and
•    Pass two rounds of the rigorous RMTC External Quality Assurance Program (EQAP).

Accredited laboratories are required to participate in EQAP testing each year following their accreditation as well. This, along with the RMTC's double-blind testing program comprise one of the most rigorous standards for maintaining accreditation.

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