Geelong trainer fined after strangles case

POSTED ON  |  14-09-2020

A Geelong trainer has been fined $2000 on two charges relating to an outbreak of strangles in July. Stewards fined Danielle Loos at the end of an inquiry into her charge Naval Envoy returning a positive test to strangles. Strangles is a bacterial infection spread from contact with other horses, humans, equipment or drinking troughs. It causes a fever and swollen lymph nodes, which form an abscess and rupture.

Naval Envoy raced at The Valley on July 12 before stewards investigated the movement of the horse around the Geelong training facilities. Stewards investigated whether Naval Envoy had used communal facilities at Geelong, including tie-up stalls, the sand roll, wash bays, pool and treadmill after stewards had ordered the horse be kept away from the equipment.

However, stewards could not be satisfied to the required standard that Loos had ignored their order. But Loos was charged with failing to seek veterinary advice on the reason Naval Envoy had an abscess for about eight weeks. Loos pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in conduct prejudicial to the interests of racing.

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