Health impacts of jockey weight-making measures warrant more research: review

POSTED ON  |  20-06-2022

Jockey Weighing in
Further research is necessary to better measure the health impact of weight-making behaviors among jockeys, according to the authors of a recently published review. Dr Joseph Brodine and Dr Kelly Ryan, writing in the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, noted that many publications have described the behaviors employed by professional jockeys to achieve and maintain a minimum racing weight.

The pair, who cited 42 papers in their review, with a focus on those published since 2014, offered an update of recent research reporting on the impact of these practices.
  • “Although rapid weight-loss techniques such as calorie restriction and dehydration are commonly thought to be deleterious to jockeys, little evidence exists of enduring health consequences,” they said.
However, the evidence suggests that jockey training behaviors and dietary choices are not aligned with optimum preparation for the physiological demands of the sport.

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