Holding racing to account: New tool tracks racehorse care

POSTED ON  |  17-05-2020

Accountability tracker
A new online tool to track progress by horse racing jurisdictions in implementing reforms to make the industry safer has been launched by the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition. The new “Accountability Tracker” details the status of individual tracks’ efforts to implement the Coalition’s reform platform, which is made up of a series of increased medication restrictions, enhanced reporting and transparency requirements and other operational safety and integrity protocols to ensure equine athletes are fit to train and race.

Donna Brothers, the Coalition’s Strategic Adviser, said that protecting racehorses required an industry-wide effort that touches on every facet of the Thoroughbred racing community. “Our sport is only as healthy as its athletes, and strengthening accountability is a necessary step towards making their safety and well-being everyone’s top priority,” she said.

“This new tool is an important way for our members to continue to hold themselves, and each other, accountable while encouraging other organizations to join us in our pursuit of increased transparency.”

The tracker lists reforms in two categories: track-level, which are implemented by Coalition tracks and their respective state racing commissions, and Coalition-level, which are implemented through Coalition-wide efforts.


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