Jockey Safety and Welfare Conference in Dubai Nov 7 to 8

POSTED ON  |  06-11-2019

The 2019 International Conference for the Health, Safety and Welfare of Jockeys (ICHSWJ) is to be held in Meydan Hotel, Dubai Nov. 7-8. Sponsored by Al Basti Equiworld, the conference, which is organiaed by the European Medical Officers Group, comes under the auspices of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. The conference is aimed at researchers, racing administrators, jockeys' associations, anyone involved in licensing of jockeys and racecourse doctors.

The conference focuses on Jockey related issues and features presentations from some of the most highly respected medics, administrators, nutritionists and researchers who specialize in dealing with jockeys. This is the 8th time that the conference has taken place and the third time that it has taken place in Dubai. The 2019 conference promises to be the biggest yet with representatives attending from 16 countries.

Commenting of the 2019 Conference,  Denis Egan, Chairman of the ICHSWJ said that "The 2019 conference will feature presentations on the major health, safety and welfare issues facing jockeys today including mental health, concussion, making weight, physiological demands, nutrition, bone health, safety equipment and injuries". He continued "many of the leading researchers in the world will be updating on the research projects being carried to improve jockeys' health."

He concluded by thanking Al Basti Equiworld for their generous sponsorship of the event. Mr. Egan stated, "I cannot thank Al Basti Equiworld enough for their support of the conference and for making the world class facilities at the Meydan Hotel available to us. That support has greatly enhanced the conference for us all". Al Basti Equiword founder Malih Al Basti said, "We are delighted to welcome the International Conference for Health, Safety and Welfare of Jockeys back to Dubai.  As a racehorse owner and breeder I am very aware of the importance of jockeys' safety and welfare, and I am delighted that Al Basti Equiworld is able to support this important international event."

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