Laming's cobalt test bid rejected

POSTED ON  |  17-05-2020

Lab testing
Trainer Richard Laming has failed in his attempts to have a urine sample from one of his horses, with a cobalt reading double the permitted threshold, tested at a non-official racing laboratory. The Victorian Racing Tribunal on Friday released its ruling pertaining to an application from Laming, via his counsel Adrian Anderson, which sought the pre-race sample from the Laming-trained Iam Ekstraordinary to be released and forwarded to the Royal North Shore Hospital. The Sydney-based hospital is home to senior scientist Ron Wenzel.

However, the Australian Rules of Racing permit samples to be anaylsed only by official racing laboratories that are specifically listed in the rules, and Royal North Shore Hospital is not.

"They have no right to analyse samples and indeed are prohibited from so doing, given the terminology of AR 258 (2)," Judge John Bowman said in his ruling to dismiss the application, citing three other cases which also unsuccessfully sought similar referrals to the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Bowman stressed that Wenzel or any other person associated with the Royal North Shore Hospital could be called as a witness. "However, that does not mean that the prima facie and clear wording of the provision, along with the list of laboratories set out in AR 2, can simply be ignored and an order made for the sending of samples to an unauthorised laboratory or person," Bowman stated.

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