New educational material on heat stress authored by Meg Brownlow added to IGSRV website

POSTED ON  |  12-04-2019

Meg heat stress papers
A very good resource on Heat stress in horses was recently added to the IGSRV website. It consist of five papers authored by Meg Brownlow, a very well known authority on this topic. Only IGSRV members logged onto the website can view and print the papers. The titles are:
  • The Management of ‘Hot’ Thoroughbred Racehorses After Strenuous Exercise in Hot & Humid Conditions: A Physiological Approach
  • Exertional heat illness: a review of the syndrome affecting racing Thoroughbreds in hot and humid climates
  • Exertional heat illness in thoroughbred racehorses: observations and treatment in the field
  • Strenuous exercise and environmental heat loads - How the weather imposes heat styress on racing Thoroughbreds
  • Cooling interventions for thoroughbred racehorses: an overview of physical heat transfer mechanisms & practical considerations
  • Cooling devices for hot weather
  • A perspective on the use of the wet-bulb globe temperature to quantify environmental heat stress in Thoroughbred horse racing.
  • A study investigating the use of the hand-held infrared thermometer to identify horses with high skin surface temperatures.

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