New Jersey Commission Bans Aparna Battula for two and a half Years, Issues 7,500 dollar Fine

POSTED ON  |  10-06-2021

Aparna Battula
Trainer Aparna Battula has had her license suspended 2 1/2 years and been fined $7,500 dollars by the New Jersey Racing Commission following a case in which investigators confiscated 83 injectable medication vials and 36 needles from her Monmouth Park tack room on July 29, 2019, reports the Thoroughbred Daily News. Stewards had originally voted to impose a nine-year suspension with an $18,500 fine, but Battula appealed, and an administrative law judge (ALJ) later recommended a ban of two years with a $6,500 fine.

“Although the final decision accepts most of the ALJ's findings and conclusions, it rejects the ALJ's use of the criminal merger doctrine and her recommended penalties,” said NJRC chair Pamela Clyne at Wednesday's meeting. “The final decision finds that the appropriate penalties for possession of the vials, needles and drugs are a one-year and six-month suspension and a $5,000 fine.

“The final decision also adopts the ALJ's imposition of a one-year suspension and a $2,500 fine for injecting the horse at Monmouth Park in July 2019. Considering the trainer's penalty history, which includes two other drug positives, the final decision concludes that the appropriate penalties in this matter are suspensions totaling two years and six months and fines totaling $7,500. Finally, the final decision also clarifies that the rule prohibits possession of the injectable bottles as well as possession of the prohibited drugs that may be in them.”

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