New Mexico Racing Commission Moves To Make Albuterol 'Zero Tolerance' Drug

POSTED ON  |  30-01-2019

On Jan. 16, the New Mexico Racing Commission (NMRC) Rules and Medication Committee voted to pass a rule that would make the drug albuterol a zero tolerance drug in the state of New Mexico. The new rule is intended to go into affect around May 1, 2019. The anticipated ban on albuterol is not breed specific and would apply to both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, the same as New Mexico's rule regarding clenbuterol. The zero tolerance will be utilized for post-race testing as well as the out-of-competition testing program used by the NMRC.

Since the NMRC has been clamping down on the abuse of clenbuterol, there have been strong allegations that trainers have shifted their focus to albuterol in order to try and obtain an unfair advantage. That has been the focus of concern for those participating with integrity at New Mexico racetracks.

Albuterol and clenbuterol are on the Association of Racing Commissioners International's Controlled Therapeutic Medication Schedule. Both drugs have therapeutic value to treat respiratory problems but can be abused.

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