Poor Performance Racehorse BEVA Congress 2019

EVENT DATE  |  11-09-2019

BEVA Congress brings the worlds equine vets together. We're renowned for high-quality CPD lectures, workshops, and having great socials. As this is the largest equine veterinary conference in Europe it is an annual event not to miss!

Topics related to racing are:
Poor Performance / Racehorse Hall 5
Chair: Roger Smith
  • ​8.50 How to approach the 'poor mover' Antony Clements
  • 9.10 Have all these epidemiology studies changed anything? Richard Reardon
  • 9.30 Where does scintigraphy fit in to racehorses' poor performance? Giorgio Ricardi
  • 9.40 Practical management of POD in the racehorse. Antony Clements
  • 10.10 Discussion

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