Quinton avoids penalty in cobalt case

POSTED ON  |  07-10-2017

Barastoc Pharlap feed
RON Quinton has escaped penalty for presenting two horses to race with excessive cobalt levels after stewards on Thursday cleared the Sydney trainer of administering the banned drug to the horses in question. It comes as stewards accepted the positive tests were likely recorded due to the legal horse feed used by Quinton, namely Barastoc Phar Lap feed mix, which was found to contain up to 50 times the level of cobalt mentioned on the feed mix label.

Stewards analysed 10 bags of the Phar Lap horse mix present at Quinton’s stables after Boss Lane (118 micrograms per litre of urine) and Imanui (157) returned cobalt levels above the 100 microgram per litre of urine threshold before racing on August 5 and 12 respectively. Analysis of the Phar Lap mix from Quinton’s stables found the feed contained up to 25.8 milligrams of cobalt per kg of feed, more than 50 times the 0.5 milligrams of cobalt per kg of feed level indicated on the Barastoc Phar Lap feed mix label.

Stewards then analysed 10 bags of Phar Lap feed mix from a Kensington supplier where Quinton buys his feed from. This analysis returned readings between 9-12 milligrams of cobalt per kg of feed, about 20 times the level advertised on the Phar Lap feed mix label. Stewards then conducted a trial of four geldings using the 10 bags analysed from the Kensington supplier which started on August 31 whereby the four horses were given 2kg of Phar Lap feed mix day and night for almost two weeks.

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