Recognition for Japan's Laboratory of Racing Chemistry

POSTED ON  |  20-07-2021

It was announced July 14 by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, following the approval of the IFHA's executive council, that Japan's Laboratory of Racing Chemistry has been provisionally appointed as an IFHA Reference Laboratory. This approval is the result of its application and a remote assessment conducted under the supervision of the Reference Laboratory Appointment Committee. Due to travel restrictions arising from the global coronavirus pandemic, the remote assessment was conducted in place of an on-site assessment, following which the LRC has been provisionally appointed at this stage.
  • "I want to congratulate the Laboratory of Racing Chemistry for being provisionally appointed as an IFHA Reference Laboratory," said IFHA chairman Louis Romanet. "This is the culmination of a significant amount of collaboration and hard work by the LRC, the RLAC, and the Japan Racing Association. The assessor appointed by the RLAC was very favorably impressed with the scientific expertise of the LRC staff and observed that the methods under assessment were carried out efficiently, and samples were analyzed with a notable attention to detail."
The LRC, established in 1965, is an internationally accredited horse racing doping control laboratory primarily used to provide professional analytical testing services for the analysis of equine biological samples including urine, blood, and hair from horse racing and international equestrian events. LRC is the only equine drug testing laboratory in Japan, and its main role is to uphold the integrity of horse racing in Japan to ensure a level playing field for all stakeholders. 

Under its provisional appointment, LRC joins Racing Analytical Services Limited (Australia); Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques (France); LGC Group, Sport & Specialized Analytical Services (Great Britain); the Hong Kong Jockey Club Racing Laboratory (Hong Kong); and, the Kenneth L. Maddy Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, University of California at Davis (USA) as IFHA Reference Laboratories. As part of the application process, IFHA Reference Laboratories successfully satisfy criteria that include but are not limited to the scale of operations, resourcing, research activity and capability to detect the use of prohibited substances, including the major doping agents.

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