Regu-Mate issue raised again

POSTED ON  |  07-06-2019

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Money, not the thorny issue of the use of Regu-Mate, is the driving motivation behind the decision of Arcadia Queen bypassing the Melbourne Spring Carnival in favour of racing in New South Wales. Perth-based Peters said on Monday with the large cost of running his racing and breeding operation the lure of a $7.5 million Golden Eagle in Sydney was too big an opportunity to pass up and so the filly will be prepared by Chris Waller at Rosehill.

Victoria has imposed a ban on the medication used to control the breeding cycle of fillies and mares because it contains detectable levels of both trendione and trenbolone (a banned steroid). “Bob Peters did a good job quashing that particular issue,” Racing Victoria chairman Brian Kruger said on Melbourne Radio RSN on Tuesday. “I’m not aware of any horses that may have been taken elsewhere or had health and safety related issues due to not being able to use Regu-Mate.

“We’re still very happy with our position. We support drug free racing as an existing rule of racing which says anabolic steroids can’t be present in a horse. “Our rules comply with the Australian Rules Of Racing and we’re very confident with it. I understand there are different views between us and New South Wales in particular."

Racing NSW introduced a local rule last June that allows the use of the medication “should nonconsequential trace levels of trendione and/or trenbolone, together with altrenogest, be detected in a sample at any time”. “Greg Nichols at Racing Australia is very determined to get the issue sorted and there’s a process he’s been working on trying to bring it to a head," Kruger said.

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