Regulatory Vet Continuing Education Organizers Honored

POSTED ON  |  12-04-2019

Dionne Benson
On the closing day of its 2019 Racing Integrity and Animal Welfare Conference, held last week in Arcadia, Calif., the Association of Racing Commissioners International honored organizers of the annual Regulatory Veterinarian Continuing Education conference. The special President's Award, recognizing exemplary service and contribution to racing integrity, was presented to Dr. Dionne Benson of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC), Dr. Lynn Hovda of the Minnesota Horse Racing Commission, and Dr. Mary Scollay of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. 

"The Association of Racing Commissioners International was delighted to recognize the efforts of Drs. Dionne Benson, Lynn Hovda and Mary Scollay to create this high impact continuing education program for our veterinary colleagues who are the frontline advocates for our racehorses," said ARCI Chair Dr. Corinne Sweeney.

The three women, in collaboration with fellow conference committee members Steve Koch of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) and Dr. Scott Hay of Teigland, Franklin and Brokken, DVM's, are responsible for the creation of the Regulatory Veterinarian Continuing Education conference. This conference was most recently presented by the RMTC and the NTRA Safety & Integrity Alliance last month at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Fla.

The sold-out event was attended by more than 60 regulatory and official racetrack veterinarians from 20 states and six countries (and covering almost 50 North American racetracks). A robust program, it emphasized protection of the health and welfare of the racehorse through presentations on regulating medication and developing enforcement strategies, in addition to simulated pre-race inspection demonstrations on racehorses currently in training. 

Said RMTC executive director and COO Dr. Dionne Benson: "We are honored to accept this award on behalf of our team that planned the content of this one-of-a-kind annual conference, as well as our generous sponsors, whose donations made it possible." 

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