Saunas and showers to be banned as jockeys face big changes when racing returns

POSTED ON  |  17-05-2020

Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) chief executive Paul Struthers has mapped out a number of changes riders will have to undertake when racing returns in Britain, which could include extensive testing and legging up from officials rather than trainers. Speaking on Racing TV's Luck on Sunday programme, Struthers also confirmed saunas and showers would be banned. They can produce aerosols when used that could infect others in close proximity.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain social distancing rules, members of racecourse staff could be responsible for legging up jockeys in the paddock to reduce the number of people making close contact.

'It will look different for jockeys'

Horseracing could be one of the first sports to restart in Britain following the coronavirus outbreak and the resumption of racing steering group are responsible for making behind-closed-doors racing a safe environment for all participants. Struthers said: "Jockeys can expect things to look very different indeed. We have been involved in conversations with the team at the BHA leading resumption and particularly Jerry Hill, who has complete confidence from us and our members.

"Social distancing is hugely important so it will look different for jockeys. It is important that sport reflects the government's advice to the wider public and it doesn't feel like it's a special case. We also need to risk-assess all the activities. There may be occasions when the way sport behaves is slightly different to how the public need to behave. If that is the case we need to be able to confidently support why it is different.

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