Special issue on Racehorse Pathology in Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation - volume 29, Number 4 (July 2017)

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Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation

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Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation- Volume: 29, Number: 4 (July 2017)


Special issue on racehorse pathology: In the service of equine and human welfare


Francisco A. Uzal#, Laura A. Kennedy#, Grant Maxie


Special Issue


Autopsy of the racehorse: the regulator’s perspective


Mary C. Scollay


Mechanisms of bone response to injury


Keren E. Dittmer, Elwyn C. Firth


Nomenclature, classification, and documentation of catastrophic fractures and associated preexisting injuries in racehorses


Susan M. Stover


Diagnostic approach to catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries in racehorses


Santiago S. Diab, Susan M. Stover, Francisco Carvallo, Akinyi C. Nyaoke, Janet Moore, Ashley Hill, Rick Arthur, Francisco A. Uzal


A diagnostic pathologist’s guide to carpal disease in racehorses


Julie B. Engiles, Holly Stewart, Jennifer Janes, Laura A. Kennedy


Common lesions of the distal end of the third metacarpal/metatarsal bone in racehorse catastrophic breakdown injuries


Jennifer G. Janes, Laura A. Kennedy, Katherine S. Garrett, Julie B. Engiles


Preexisting lesions associated with complete diaphyseal fractures of the third metacarpal bone in 12 Thoroughbred racehorses


Sarah N. Gray, Mathieu Spriet, Tanya C. Garcia, Francisco A. Uzal, Susan M. Stover


Sudden death in racehorses: postmortem examination protocol


Santiago S. Diab, Robert Poppenga, Francisco A. Uzal


Retrospective study of fatal pneumonia in racehorses


Francisco R. Carvallo, Francisco A. Uzal, Santiago S. Diab, Ashley E. Hill, Rick M. Arthur


Postmortem findings in Ontario racehorses, 2003–2015


Josepha DeLay


Reduction of Thoroughbred racing fatalities at New York Racing Association racetracks using a multi-disciplinary mortality review process


Scott E. Palmer, Sean P. McDonough, Hussni O. Mohammed

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