Stonestreet to Offer Blood Test Records on Sale Horses

POSTED ON  |  01-08-2019

Stonestreet Farm
In an effort to increase buyer confidence, Stonestreet Farm announced July 29 it had developed an innovative blood sampling, testing, and secure storage protocol in partnership with The University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center.

The program was developed in response to reports of off-label bisphosphonate use in young, growing horses. Combined with newly available post-sale testing offered by auction houses, buyers of a Stonestreet-bred and -raised yearling will have an opportunity to review a blood-health window of at least six months prior to their purchase.

"It was a simple next step for us to take that will allow buyers to act with complete confidence," Stonestreet said in a release. "Stonestreet has never used any product prohibited by the conditions of sale, and we have never used any brand of bisphosphonate." Stonestreet owner Barbara Banke emphasized the farm's approach. "We believe nature is the best way to build strong muscle and good bones," Banke said.

During 2019, blood samples were drawn from each Stonestreet yearling on a regular schedule developed by Gluck using current bisphosphonate detection periods. These were drawn by a third-party veterinarian with experience handling samples within a regulatory environment who was hired by the Gluck Equine Research Center. Sample collection was supervised by Dr. Scott Stanley, professor of analytical chemistry at the Gluck Equine Research Center, who ensured a strict chain-of-custody and authored documentation connecting each sample to the yearling from which it was taken.

Samples were stored and frozen in accordance with the normal regulatory laboratory standards established for pre- and post-race blood samples in a dedicated freezer. The samples were tested for bisphosphonates and growth promotants. The purchaser of any Stonestreet-bred and -raised yearling may request a report stating the test results for the individual that they purchased.

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