Trainer David Hayes to trial alternative fertility suppressant on fillies and mares

POSTED ON  |  07-09-2018

David Hayes
DAVID Hayes is trialling Racing Victoria’s suggested fertility suppressant after trainers were urged to stop using altrenogest because tests showed it contained anabolic steroids trenbolone and trendione. Altrenogest, which is found in commercially available Regu-Mate, is used to manage the oestrous cycle in fillies and mares, stopping them coming into season in spring.

Racing NSW is allowing use of the product in different forms, citing horse management and, in some cases, occupational health and safety. But Hayes, who is applying for stables at Randwick, said he would have no hesitation in moving more mares to Sydney if RV’s suggested medication did not work effectively.
  • “Basically, Regu-Mate — which NSW feeds to their mares, and we have in Victoria for years — stops them coming into season, and it’s very, very effective,” Hayes said. “But it is coming up with traces of steroids, and steroids have a worldwide ban.
  • “RV have given an alternative, which means there’s no chance the horses can be on steroids, and hopefully that will work just as well. Research says it will. So I don’t think it’ll be a big problem.
  • “But for instance I had a mare who was odds-on at Ballarat owned by Gerry Harvey, and she raced without Regu-Mate of course and she let the punters down, but was heavily in-season after the race and before. That wouldn’t have happened before this rule.

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