Waugh fined, Lisnyy banned for six months over horse cruelty charges

POSTED ON  |  10-06-2021

Kim Waugh
Jockey Serg Lisnyy has been disqualified for six months for an act of animal cruelty after using a set of unapproved spurs on a horse at trackwork in March, and the horse’s trainer, Kim Waugh, was fined a total of $14,250 for her role in the incident. Racing NSW stewards found Lisnyy guilty on three separate charges after the horse, Tarsus, suffered 15 lacerations from the roller spurs he was told to use by Waugh. The stewards found that there was no intent to injure the horse, but Lisnyy responsible for the injuries.

Waugh, who was not at trackwork on the morning question, was fined $10,000 for failing to exercise reasonable care and/or supervise to prevent an act of cruelty. It was reduced to $7500 because of her good record. She was fined $8000 for failing to report an act of cruelty, which was reduced to $6000 because of her good record, and a further $750 for improper conduct to a staff member.

Waugh’s lawyer, Wayne Pasterfield, told stewards that his client was remorseful for her actions and had pleaded guilty at the first possible opportunity. Waugh is considering her options of appeal against the fines totalling $14,250.

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