Welfare Not Optional Says Barends

POSTED ON  |  04-10-2017

NHA CEO Lyndon Barends has broken new ground for the South African racing industry by acknowledging a Duty Of Care to the Thoroughbred and committing to formally embedding before / during / post racing care. In his hard-hitting contribution to the September 2017 NHA newsletter, he writes:- “The IFAR (International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses) Conference held during the Pan American Conference resonated well with me and was the final stimulus that made it abundantly clear that the Racing Authorities must take the lead to ensure that before/during/beyond racing care becomes embedded within the business fabric of the sport.

It’s critical that we accept that there is a DUTY OF CARE that we cannot and dare not IGNORE. The aftercare of racehorses makes Business Sense. it makes ethical Business Sense! I will propose to our Board that we adopt the philosophical view that we need to move away from the practice that aftercare is at the mercy or the goodwill gestures of a few individuals with good conscience. Also, that we move towards embedding post racing options within the essence and fabric of our business practice. It must become the responsibility of all involved in the sport. We all benefit from the horse.

The Regulatory Authority registers, licenses or levies nearly all or most of those involved in the industry and can therefore exercise the first call to action with regards to the DUTY OF CARE.

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