Young Scientist Award for ICRAV 2016

Young Scientist Awards for ICRAV 2016

This year there is funding for two veterinary Young Scientists to attend ICRAV 2016.   

Members are encouraged to ask good candidates to apply. This is an excellent opportunity to motivate and educate promising young regulatory veterinarians.  

This year’s Young Scientist Awards, of USD$2,500 each, are funded by the US Racing Medication and Testing Consortium; with a contribution from ICRAV 2012 organizers. 

The criteria for applicants are:
•    Membership of IGSRV or nominees from international or national racing authorities controlling an equine sport or animal racing
•    Age: 40 or under
•    No previous attendance or attendance at no more than one ICRAV.

Award recipients are required to present at ICRAV 2016. The presentation can be scientific or, particularly for applicants who have not previously attended ICRAV, one that introduces themselves and their work in their laboratory or racing jurisdiction.  

Applicants must submit their CV, along with an abstract, to Peter Symons at before the July 31 2016 deadline.

Applications will be assessed by IGSRV representatives.

Prior to declaring the winners the IGSRV will verify their eligibility:
•    Age 
•    Veterinary degree
•    Are IGSRV members, or are eligible and will become members, or are eligible to attend the ICRAV under ICRAV Bylaw III.

The funds will be made available as:
•    Payment of the delegate registration fee [USD $950]
•    Payment of the balance, to the appropriate account [to their authority; or for their accommodation], during the conference.

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