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The International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians (IGSRV) is an association that unites regulatory racing veterinarians; advises authorities and encourages research on drugs, health and welfare of the horse. With the Association of Official Racing Chemists it organises the biennial International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians.

IGSRV membership is approximately 86 members representing 32 racing nations.

The Aims of the IGSRV are:

  1. to act as an official association of veterinarians with similar interests

  2. advise authorities controlling horse racing/equine sports on veterinary matters relating...to:

    1. regulation/control of drugs/prohibited substances

    2. health and welfare of horses

    3. the control of disease

  3. to act in collaboration with the Assoc. of Official Racing Chemists...to achieve effective regulation and control of drugs/prohibited substances in horses

  4. to organize meetings of the International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (ICRAV)

  5. to promote veterinary science re the rules of various controlling authorities

  6. promote research/knowledge on health, welfare, diseases, pharmacology and drug metabolism

  7. to promote international goodwill.


Membership of the IGSRV is limited to:

  • veterinarians nominated by authorities controlling racing/other equine sports

  • veterinarians nominated by authorities subject to approval by IGSRV Executive Committee.


Membership Subscriptions 

An annual subscription covers administrative costs/IGSRV projects. The subscription falls due on January 1 of each year.


THE IGSRV - Organisation Structure

IGSRV Executive Committee

Dr. Lynn Hillyer

Dr. L Hillyer
( Ireland )


Bronte Forbes

Dr Bronte Forbes
( Hong Kong )

Vice - Chairman

Dr. Grace Forbes

Dr. Grace Forbes
( Australia )

Honorary Secretary / Treasurer

Dr. Arnaud Duluard

Dr. Arnaud Duluard
( France )

Regional Representative Europe and the UK

Dr. Fumiaki Mizobe

Dr. Fumiaki Mizobe
( Japan )

Regional Representative Asia

Dr. M Lenz

Dr. M Lenz
( Australia )

Regional Representative Australia and New Zealand

Dr. A Chambers photo by Michael Burns Photography

Dr. A Chambers
( Canada )

Regional Representative North America

Dr. R Rocca

Dr. R Rocca
( Uruguay )

Regional Representative South America

Thiago Luz

Dr Thiago Reis Ribeiro da Luz
( South Africa )

Regional Representative Africa and Mauritius

William Farmer

Dr William Farmer
( USA )

Second Regional Representative for North America

Kieran Finn

Dr Kieran Finn
( UAE )

Regional Representative for Middle East

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