Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award ICRAV 2018

Thanks to the generous financial support of Thermo Fisher, together with additional funds supplied by the organisers of ICRAV 20121 and ICRAV funds, we are able to offer each of the three AORC Sections and IGSRV US$7,500 to support “Young Scientists” to attend and present at ICRAV 2018. For applicants who have not previously attended ICRAV, the presentation may be either scientific or, a presentation introducing themselves and the type of work they perform in their laboratory or racing jurisdiction.

The Standing, Management and Organising Committees recommend that the four organisations offer either three awards of US$ 2,500 as a significant contribution towards the cost of registration and accommodation or two awards of up to US$ 3,7502 to cover the Registration Fee and accommodation and provide a contribution to travel costs.

The criteria for applicants for the awards are:

  • Membership of AORC or IGSRV and other persons nominated by international or national racing authorities controlling an equine sport or animal racing;
  • Age – 40 or under;
  • No previous attendance or attendance at no more than one ICRAV.

Abstracts stating, ‘Applicant for Young Scientist Award’ must be submitted to Jan Wade ( by 1st November 2017. For the AORC Awards, the abstracts will be judged by a panel comprising a representative from each of the three AORC Sections and two members of the Organising Committee. For the IGSRV Awards, the abstracts will be judged by a representative of the Organising Committee and other representatives of the IGSRV. Successful applicants will be informed within two weeks of the closing date for submission of the abstracts.

If, as a result of the above criteria to be met by applicants, there is insufficient response for the Awards, the Committees will consider modifying the criteria or supporting delegates whose abstracts indicate their research is of significant scientific interest to the Conference.

ICRAV guarantees to present cheques for the Awards at the Conference in 2018.

  • This funding, carried over from ICRAV 2016, was principally provided by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) with a contribution from the Organisers of ICRAV 2012.
  • For awards of up to US$ 3,750 applicants will be required to submit a sum for the cost of travel (economy flights).