Opening in Veterinary Regulation and International Liaison Department of HKJC for position of Equine Welfare Officer

POSTED ON  |  19-05-2017

The successful applicant will:
  • participate in the development of policies and procedures to maintain and enhance and welfare of Club racehorses.
  • implement the Club's Equine Welfare Strategy including policies, codes, documentation, website coordination and stakeholder management (internal and external).
  • assist in the development and implementation of objective measures of racehorse welfare and to perform welfare and safety inspections/audits of all facilities housing Club racehorses within Hong Kong based on these measures.
  • assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures to monitor the safety and welfare of ex-Club racehorses exported to other countries.
  • establish and implement systems to obtain the data required to identify and analyze the post-race outcomes of retired racehorses and to provide quarterly management reports of the findings.
  • assist in the development and delivery of equine welfare training and educational programs for all stakeholders.
  • promote the use of ex-racehorses in equestrian sports with the objective of providing increased post-racing career options.
  • act as the Project Manager for the Club's welfare initiatives and programs
Applicants should have:
  • a degree in Veterinary Science (not necessarily registrable in Hong Kong) combined with experience in both racehorse and equestrian practice; or
  • a qualification in Equine Science / Equine Management or related discipline with appropriate industry experience and a special interest in equine welfare;
  • a demonstrated commitment to and understanding of the issues of equine welfare in horseracing;
  • well-developed governance and management skills;
  • experience and knowledge of project management, data analysis and the ability to share findings;
  • excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

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